What’s New this Month!

Warm Up with a great deal!

  • NO payments for 60 days on New Auto Loans 2010 or newer!
  • NO frost to scrape if you win the Remote Car Starter!
  • (Must be a new finance auto loan at PGAFCU to enter. Offer ends 12/30/16)

    • Get a jump start on your 2017 goals with our Resolution Loan! You can get up to $2500 as low as 6.17%APR for up to 24 months! (With approved credit) Offer ends 12/30/16
    • Loan Application Apply here or pick up an application today at either of our branches.

    New Technology for your Visa card Helps to Protect Your Account!

    Visa Purchase Alerts

    Visa Purchase Alerts is a service provided by Visa to send users real-time* alerts when purchases are made** with their Visa debit or credit card.

    Sign up today in three easy steps:

    1. Check if your card is eligible***

    2. Register your email and/or mobile device to receive Visa Purchase Alerts.

    3. Choose the notification triggers that match your needs. You’ll get real-time* text or email alerts based on your selected criteria.

    Once you enroll, you can establish trigger alerts:

    • Individual transaction amount thresholds
    • International transactions
    • Purchases made online or over the phone (known as “card not present” transactions).
    *Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.
    **A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa.
    © 2009 Visa. All Rights Reserved


    EMV Chip Cards

    The new EMV Chip card adds improved security and fraud protection with an embedded computer chip. This technology is already securing payment cards in more than 80 countries and is now being adopted as the card standard in the U.S.

    PGAFCU has already made the switch to EMV Visa Debit/ATM cards. If you have a Visa Credit Card, you will be receiving an EMV Chip Credit Card in the month that your current card expires.

    To learn more about the new smart card please click here for a short informational video. Note: This video link will take you to another website.

    Contact us if you would like to order a Visa Debit/ATM card or Visa Credit Card.

    Make a Payment


    Click here to go to SWBC Payments *

    A $7.50 flat fee will apply. In order to avoid a delay in processing, please use your

    PGAFCU loan number, not your member number or savings / checking account

    numbers when processing a payment.

    Electronic check payments processed before 6 p.m. MST will post to your account the following business day.

    Electronic debit or credit card payments processed before 6 p.m. MST will take up to two business days to post to your account.


    *By clicking on the link above you will visit a site not owned by Pueblo Government

    Agencies Federal Credit Union. PGAFCU has no control over the content of the

    site. The link is provided for your convenience only.

    To make a payment from your PGAFCU checking or savings account, you will

    need to sign into your PGAFCU Online Banking

    If you would like to set up recurring payments from another financial institution to

    Pueblo Government Agencies FCU please print, fill out, and return this Recurring Authorization Form SWBC form to the credit union. You may bring it to a branch near you or you can fax it it 719-542-8581. For questions about this form,

    please contact the lending department at 719-542-3379.

    Wire Transfers

    To receive a wire transfer to your account at PGAFCU, you will need to use these instructions:

    • Intermediate Financial Institution:
      Corporate America Credit Union
      ABA Routing Number: 262090120
      4365 Crescent Road
      Irondale, AL 35210
      CACU Tel: (800)292-6242


    • Beneficiary Financial Institution:
      Pueblo Government Agencies FCU
      ABA Routing Number: 307077309
      720 N Greenwood St
      Pueblo, CO 81003


    • Final Credit goes to:
      Members Name
      Account Number
      Members Address
      Please note if funds are going to a checking or savings account.


    To send a wire transfer, please contact the receiving financial institution for their Wiring Instructions. You can also call us to find out what information we will require to send a wire transfer.

    Online Banking and PGA Bill Pay

    Online Banking is Free to All Members!

    • Account access is available when YOU need it. You can manage your account 24/7.
    • Track debit spending, pending transactions, checks and more all in one place!
    • You can make transfers between your accounts anytime online. Transfers post the same day, so it’s available when you need it!
    • You can set up balance alerts, so if your balance moves above or below your set amount, we’ll notify you via e-mail.
    • Great for personal account management and businesses!

    Bill Pay

    • Bills can be paid to a utility company, an individual or another financial institution.
    • Schedule payments when you want to send them.
    • Safer than sending personal checks in the mail.
    • Schedule reminder or recurring payments so you never miss a bill.
    • Search your payment history to track your finances.
    • Bill Pay is available to you at no cost if used at least once every 90 days. Otherwise there is a $4.00 inactivity fee every month it remains inactive.
      View a Demo Video Here

    Youth Saver CD’s

    Certificates of Deposit earn higher interest than regular share savings and club accounts.

    Certificates of Deposit earn higher interest than regular share savings and club accounts.

    6 Month$1,000.30%.30%
    12 Month$1,000.40%.40%
    24 Month$1,000.60%.60%
    36 Month$1,000.80%.80%

    *Dividends accrued daily and paid quarterly. Additional deposits not allowed except at maturity. All certificates automatically renew unless specified otherwise.