Receive your deposits quickly with Direct Deposit.


  1. What is my routing number?  307077309
  2. How do I find my DIRECT DEPOSIT SAVINGS account number? This is your basic account number that can be found on your statement or in online banking preceding -0. Do not include “-0”.
  3. How do I find my DIRECT DEPOSIT CHECKING/MICR account number? This is longer than your savings number and can be found on the bottom of your checks or in online banking. You must use the full 10-digit number. Do not include “-79”.
  4. How can I verify my information is correct? You can send us a Secure Message through online banking or call one of our offices.

To avoid delays- Please review your account information BEFORE filing your taxes. Since IRS Tax Refunds are deposited electronically via ACH (Automatic Clearing House), your account information must be in the correct ACH/Direct Deposit format. If it is not, your refund may not go into your account and you may have to contact the IRS.