Receive your deposits quickly with Direct Deposit.


  1. What is my routing number?  307077309
  2. How do I find my DIRECT DEPOSIT SAVINGS account number? This is your basic account number that can be found on your statement or in online banking preceding -0. Do not include “-0”.
  3. How do I find my DIRECT DEPOSIT CHECKING account number? This is longer than your savings number and can be found on the bottom of your checks or in online banking. You must use the full 10-digit number. Do not include “-79”.
  4. How can I verify my information is correct? You can send us a Secure Message through online banking or call one of our offices.

To avoid delays- Please review your account information BEFORE filing your taxes. Since IRS Tax Refunds are deposited electronically via ACH (Automatic Clearing House), your account information must be in the correct ACH/Direct Deposit format. If it is not, your refund may not go into your account and you may have to contact the IRS.

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